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This program is a move editor for the pb(e)m game King of Kings. It is intended to help players creating and checking their moves. To do this, all the commands can be entered in a more natural and more self explanational way. After creation, the move can be checked for errors. This is less error prone than to write moves with a normal text editor. To plan your move, you need a turn viewer like KKViwer. KoKMove is based on version 4.4e of King of Kings, but it may work for other versions as well. See the online help for more information. In the next version of KKViewer, KoKMove can be called from within this turn viewer!




V1.13 (08/09/00): V1.12 (04/05/00): V1.11 (03/31/00): V1.1 (03/27/00): V1.01 (02/18/00): V1.0 (01/24/99):

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